Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Double Standard Redux

We all know that according to the abortion lobby, we don't need informed consent laws because women contemplating abortion are smart, educated, and resourceful enough to find this information on their own (Which means they'd have to go to a university library and sort through decades of conflicting and confusing medical journal articles and decipher what the risks are to them given their own individual medical histories!), but they need Federal funding to "inform them of the availability of safe, legal abortion," as if these same women are too clueless to open the Yellow Pages and read a ad.

Well, Emily at After Abortion takes a look at the double standard when it comes to women's emotional strength. Evidently, according to the abortion lobby, women are emotionally resilient enough to go through the entire stress of being pregnant and troubled, emotionally abandoned, pressured, maybe abused, et cetera, and make a sound decision to abort with no emotinal trauma, but after the abortion they're fragile little flowers that will be sent into a spiral of shame and despair if they hear some other woman talk about how she regrets her own abortion.

I guess since fetuses change their nature so readily to the abortion lobby (changing from worthless blobs of tissue to precious unborn children depending on their mother's mood), the women themselves are equally malleable. Their nature changes according to the mood of the abortion lobby.

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