Thursday, September 08, 2005

Still selling abortions to non-pregnant women

According to this Life News article, abortionist Yogendra Shaw sued Melanie Mills after she spoke up on a St. Louis radio station about her story. Shaw had performed an abortion on Melanie at Hope Clinic for Women, even though she had blighted ovum, not an actual pregnancy. Shaw had allowed Melanie to suffer from post-abortion trauma rather than inform her that there'd been no baby.

Hope Clinic is the National Abortion Federation member facility that performed the fatal abortion on Barbaralee Davis.


karmastar said...

Nearly 22 years ago, I found myself lying in a cold and scary hospital bed dreading the reality that I was sure would follow. I was 16 years old and following the demands of my mother to either carry out her wishes to terminate my 26-week pregnancy or go away to live with strangers until I delivered. A pregnancy I fully intended to carry full term. I was simply terrified! I followed the orders and was sent to The Hope Clinic in East St. Louis, IL to have the 2-day procedure done. While it was certainly a devistating experience, I assume that all had gone as planned until in my partially sedated state I began to hear the cries of a newborn baby. Something had gone terribly wrong. There was not supposed to be a baby. I was so confused but not too confused to memtion to the staff what I had heard. I was quickly told that I had heard nothing..I must have been imagining it all. Not the case at all! It was the distinct cry of an infant. I had no experience with such young infants at that time so I had no frame of reference. But today, after delivering three children of my own, I know what I heard. I have tried to supress these memories for many years but they remain constant. I wonder if I can ever find out what happened to him/her. Did they save him/her? Did they do the unthinkable? Will I ever know? Will the emptiness ever be filled? Am I alone in this? Where is my baby?

Christina Dunigan said...


I can't say anything to offer you any comfort or even any certainty. All I could do is join you in conjecture and really, I don't know how helpful that would be.

Prayers that somebody who knows will step forward. Prayers that you will find peace one way or the other.