Monday, October 03, 2005

An abortion death the prochoice don't forget

On this date, we remember a woman's abortion death -- and, for a change, the prochoice lament the death, too. The woman is Rosie Jiminez, and the reason the prochoice single out her death as tragic and unacceptable, in contrast to all the other deaths, is that they can find a way to blame it on prolifers.

Rosie had already undergone two free abortions at taxpayer expense. The third time she wanted an abortion, she got steered to an illegal abortionist rather than to either real help or at least the local Planned Parenthood and abortion fund. Rosie got her abortion, the abortionist got a customer, the abortion lobby got a corpse to drag around. Rosie and her family, of course, were the losers in this deal.

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