Monday, October 17, 2005

if this is mother-love, no wonder they support abortion.

CHILDABORTION.INFO evidently pulls no punches. The Choice 101 collection of links starts with the rabidly proabortion Choice 101 site. This little gem features this beginning:
Abortion Rights Are Dying and You Have Three Choices
1 Teach your daughters and granddaughters how to perform coat-hanger abortions.
2 Do what nobody other than our pro-choice team has done -- come up with a new strategy that will save abortion rights -- a strategy that actually works and implement it immediately.
3 Support and/or participate in the fully functional, fully functioning, and already-proven program offered on this web site.

Evidently teaching our daughters to have more self-respect than to settle for abortion never enters these folks' heads. The idea that their daughters might deserve better than to be treated as receptacles for semen is outside their imaginations. They can't grasp the idea that their daughters might be complex human beings who deserve better than to be periodically impregnated and vacuumed out by men who only see them as sex toys.

Abortion. Is that what these people really want for their daughters? This is so creepy and revolting that it makes my skin crawl.

If they're imaginative enough to come up with some magic bullet for protecting abortion, can't they come up with something better for their daughters than an endless cycle of unwanted pregnancies and assembly-line abortions?

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