Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blog roundup

Jack's Raging Mommy is trying to sort out what she thinks about abortion, and put it into words that others can understand. She sounds like a "reticent prochoice" to me -- somebody who really hates the idea of abortion, but doesn't feel like it's right to translate that into outright opposition. This is a thoughtful woman, and I'm sure many of my regulars from both sides will be interested.

Erica just did a home pregnancy test that came up positive, and is planning to call on Monday and arrange an abortion. Prayers and love for her and her baby and the men in her life.

Lindsay Land has an interesting comment about people who favor abortion but oppose the death penalty.

Minivan Mom alerts us to a PBS documentary lamenting that there's only one abortion facility left in Mississippi. Funny, for all the keening and hand-wringing, there's not been a rash of coathanger-impaled women on Mississippi lawns. Nor in South Dakota, which likewise only has one abortionist.

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