Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog roundup - the good, the bad, the sad

This provocative post at BestView deserves a visit and some commentary:
Mark Steyn nails abortion
...when you set aside moral objections to abortion, the utilitarian approach is a question of balance. Abortion doesn't fall on all fetuses equally. In China and other Asian cultures, it lowers the pool of girl babies, resulting in very disproportionately male societies. Thus, "a woman’s right to choose" leaves you with a lot fewer women to choose from. Even in America, not all women exercise their right to choose equally: The abortion rate for black women is four times higher than that for white women. "A woman’s right to choose" has become, like so many other "progressive" causes, an issue in which one's enthusiasm for it is inversely proportional to one's engagement with it. For middle-class female Democrats, "a woman’s right to choose" is like "Free Tibet": a bumper sticker that appropriates some other crowd's problem for the purposes of advertising your moral superiority.

Howard at Conservative Democrat seems to be extremely confused:
THERE ARE SOME OTHER IMPORTANT ISSUES THAN REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS IN SELECTING THE FEDERAL JUDICIARY it doesn't just boil down to the abortion debate because there really is no debate-- no one favors abortions( except perhaps William Bennett and his Black crime control program), the question is whether it seems necessary or not --whether the right of a woman to choose to have a child should be taken away by the Federal Government.

1. What's with "reproductive rights?" Why not say what you mean: Aggressive advocacy of abortion and contraception.
2. There are a lot of folks who favor abortion, primarily for people they feel superior to -- or of people they feel superior to, such as fetuses with handicaps.
3. Bennett wasn't advocating abortion -- he was pointing out the appalling amorality of the leftist touting of abortion as a means of reducing crime.
4. Who exactly is opposed to women choosing to have children, outside the Pill-pushing left? The conservatives are against women choosing to abort children, not choosing to bear them.
So Howard managed to fit in four clueless tidbits in a single sentence. The rest of his screed continues in this vein. And old Howard doesn't allow comments, so he can bask in this cluelessness, blissfully unaware that he needs to get out more.

Marc ponders why we need to just pick one age at which you're a grown-up. He points out (justly, I think) that you can have an underage abortion without parental consent, can vote and get drafted at 18, can drive at 16, can't drink until 21, can be tried as an adult at 16.... Good point, Marc!

On a more serious note, msalishia128 is pregnant and dreading the thought of a second abortion within a year. She needs love and prayer.

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