Saturday, October 29, 2005

IVF parents can't sue for death of embryos

Fox News reports on an Arizona court decision. A Phoenix-area couple had sued the Mayo Clinic for losing or destroying their frozen embryos, and wanted to sue the clinic for the wrongful death of their unborn offspring. The court assumed what it called the "neutral" term "pre-embyros" to describe the embryos in declaring that they were not "persons" under the law.

This is, of course, nonsensical. "Pre-embryo" is a term that was devised specifically in order to de-humanize the embryos that are conceived in-vitro. Up until people started wanting to flush them down the sink, the term "pre-embryo" didn't exist. It's like calling a newborn a "pre-baby" until you figure out if you want to euthanize it or not.

So, strike one more blow against parents who actually want to protect their unborn children. If you think that the prochoice movement only affects you if you want an abortion, you're dead wrong. And it can be your own unborn offspring that die as a result. And you'll be left with no legal recourse.

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