Saturday, October 22, 2005

Blog roundup - the slippery slope, pro-abortion, and clueless girls

Headmistress at The Common Room has a spot-on post about the slippery slope from the "right" to abort to the "duty" to abort. The first commenter, however, doesn't grasp that there really are proabortion folks in the world. How could Balto miss this fact, when it is so plainly demonstrated in the post itself?

Kennedy v. The Machine looks at the machinations of Emily's List, the PAC created to get pro-abortion Democratic women into office.

KT4JC continues to give us a student's-eye view of the firing of an abortion-facilitating drama teacher. She's getting attacked by the Clueless Brigade -- students and others who don't understand that an abortion-facilitating faculty member is what got Dawn Ravenelle killed in a botched legal abortion.

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