Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Abortion Survivor - Yamile Munoz

Yamile in the lap of her mother,
Maggie Munoz, with Mrs. Magaly Llaguno,
Latin America Coordinator for
Human Life International
When Maggie Munoz learned that she was pregnant, she thought her only option was abortion. She was already an unmarried mother of four, and her friends and relatives told her that she already had "too many children" and that abortion was the "suitable solution." 

Ultrasound prior to the abortion revealed a normal 11-week pregnancy. Maggie underwent an abortion by D&C. After returning home, she was ill and depressed. 

Two weeks later, staff at the abortion facility called Maggie to tell her that the pathology report showed that the abortion was incomplete. 

Maggie returned to the clinic, where an ultrasound revealed a healthy fetus, still very much alive. But the employee told Maggie that there was "retained tissue" and gave her an appointment to return in a week for a second abortion procedure. Maggie didn't trust the clinic staff, and decided to go to her own doctor, who ordered an ultrasound showing a healthy 15-week fetus. 

Maggie was born May 18, 1992, perfectly healthy. Every day Maggie thanks God for her perfect daughter. (Source: Abortion Survivors [translation by Babelfish], from Right to Life League of Southern California, Fall 1992)

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