Thursday, November 10, 2005

Abortion: The Un Choice

The Elliot Institute has a great new campaign addressing how about is experienced by far too many of the woman who go through it.

In Virginia, a homeless woman testified that she was forced to choose between an abortion and staying at the shelter. ...

Our granddaughter, age 21, had an abortion. Three months later her father found her hanging from the cross beams in the basement.

"If you regret an abortion, nobody wants to hear about it. After all, there's nothing anyone can do to fix the problem. So you have to tell yourself what happened was good - and everyone around tells you the same thing. After that, I knew I would never bring up the subject again."

The campaign features billboards,

display ads,

radio ads, and TV ads.

Visit the site. It's full of information you can use even if you're not in a position to place an ad.

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