Saturday, November 12, 2005

Patricia Case, Abortion Survivor

According to this site (Translation by Babelfish), based on the HLI Congress of Abortion Survivors held in 1992, the parents of Patricia Case wanted a divorce. This was in the mid 1940s. By law, they had to be physically separated for at least a year. But shortly before that year was up, Patricia's mother became pregnant. This made it impossible to prove that they'd been separated for the full year and jeopardized their divorce plans.

According to Patricia, three unsuccessful attempts were made to cause an abortion. Despite these attempts, Patricia was born and placed for adoption. Patricia said that all went well until 1985, when Patricia was struck with strange feelings and tried to kill herself. In discussions with her therapist and adopted mother, Patricia learned that as a very small child she rejected people, and did not want to be shown affection. Patricia attributes this to how strongly her birth mother was rejecting her in-utero.

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