Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blog roundup

The Revolution looks at the need for an organization for pro-life medical students. We need this -- Doctors, especially ob/gyns and folks in family practice, need training in identifying the at-risk woman, helping women meet their real needs, treating abortion complications, and caring for the post-abortion woman.

Duc in Altum posts prayer intentions for November.

Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity cites polls showing that about 3/4 of Americans support spousal notification for abortion. So much for PP being "mainstream." Again.

Jessica at bristles at California's Proposition 73, that would require parental notification for underage girls' abortions. Her complaints are that the law would track judges' rulings. Where's that a problem? Don't we as citizens have a right to know what our judges are doing? (As long as the girls aren't identified!) She also -- a little more legitimately for somebody whose ideology demands dehumanization of the fetus -- has a beef that the proposition would define abortion as the killing of "a child conceived but not yet born." Yeah, that's what abortion actually is, but I can see that it would stick in the craw if you support the practice.

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