Monday, November 28, 2005

Lack of enthusiams? Perish the thought!

Telfer: Young women have different outlook toward abortion
Polls show declining support for abortion among college women. The bad news is that fully 28% want no restrictions on abortion. The good news is that this is an improvement over 12 years ago, when 49% wanted no restrictions. Just over half -- 54% -- want abortion to be legal, meaning that nearly half want abortion recriminalized. So there's good news. Of course, not everybody's happy about young women's declining support for abortion.

Alexander Sanger, grandson of noted racist and elitist Margaret Sanger, called the poll results "absolutely shocking" and lamented, "It's not just the numbers that are down ... It's the enthusiasm."

Young women lacking enthusiasm for abortion -- Perish the thought! What kind of twisted mind wants young women to be enthusiastic about abortion?

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