Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Law & Order

Tonight's episode of Law & Order dealt with a case in which a girl died after a secret, forced sterilization. The girl in question was somebody that nobody would want breeding, but the prosecutors stuck to their guns. I think both sides were presented pretty fairly. Overall I was satisfied. But I think it gave the impression that the Powers that Be actually care if "undesirable" girls die as a result of other people's efforts to keep them from reproducing. If prosecutors really went after people who played Russian roulette with the lives of women they don't think should reproduce, abortion facilities would have to get their staff on work-release. Another drawback is that a lot of the prosecution's anger stemmed from the fact that the girl didn't consent to the sterilization. I'm assuming that had she consented, no matter how badly botched the job was everybody would have shrugged it off.

Oh, for the day when law enforcement actually cares about young women being killed in the name of population control and eugenics!

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