Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogs for Life Report

My biggest note from the Blogs for Life conference: Do more reporting!

It's fine to editorialize on what you're reading elsewhere on the web, but there's a lot of that happening. But think of your bolg as your chance to be a cub reporter for the world at large. The model here is what Operation Rescue does with their Tiller Watch. OR reports on Tiller's every move, keeping Wichita, America, and the world up to date on what this notorious abortionist is doing to women, children, and families. Would that somebody would do that for each and every abortionist in America!

To encourage this kind of local reporting, I'm going to start a sidebar for on-the-spot reporting on abortionists' activities. Let me know about anybody who's doing this work, blog-oriented or with a regular web site.

I live in a county with no abortionist, but I will set the example by posting any local news or analysis. If nothing else, that should help reduce the roughly two dozen abortions on Bedford County women. Our target is an abortion-free county.

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