Friday, January 20, 2006

More on Tiller dissatisfied customers

Thanks to Ashli at The S.I.C.L.E. Cell for alerting me to this: Whistleblowers Tell Abortion Horror Stories.

With calls for an investigation into George Tiller's late term abortion facility in the wake of Christin Gilbert's death, two women, one who remains prochoice and one who became prolife, tell of their own horrible experiences having late abortions under Tiller's care. One woman's 8-month fetus had been diagnosed with full Trisomy 22; the other was a teen pregnant through rape.

The compassionate thing to do for a mother who has learned that her unborn baby is likely to die before or shortly after birth is to offer perinatal hospice, so that she can make the most of her short time with her child. We should not be adding the anguish of knowing that she'd taken steps to end her baby's life to her other griefs. Also with perinatal hospice there is no risk of accidentally aborting a baby who was misdiagnosed. After all, Allegra Roseberry had been told that her unborn daughter was "doomed." After the abortion -- which killed both mother and child -- an autopsy showed that the baby had been perfectly healthy.

Tiller has been preying far too long on despairing, desperate women. It's time he was held accountable.

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