Saturday, January 28, 2006

What women don't want, and how satisfying it is to give it to them

Read the ill-titled "hope for the future" at Abortion Clinic Days:
.... she said, "let's face it. i do not want to have an abortion. but who is going to adopt a black child? i do not want my child living in foster homes and having who knows what done to it." .... and so, she told me, she decided to sacrifice the never born child so that her other two kids can live. ....

shamika confided that she felt a great war going on inside her, the war between her head and her heart. she said that her heart was begging for the baby to be born, but her her head told her that she and her kids could end up homeless since their lives are very precarious. .... her partner has actually been with her since she was 14, more than a third of her life, but she says she cannot depend on him. the only thing that keeps him there is his love of the girls and despite the fact that he is not the greatest partner, he is a great dad. ....

so shamika talked of how she was talking to god, hoping that he would understand that she lived her life not for herself, but for her girls, and that her sacrifice of their sibling would allow the three of them to stay together, to keep working toward their goals. i left the session filled with the same hope for her future that she had. she made me believe that she will be able to move her life forward, one day at a time.

Some "choice"! This woman comes in clearly stating that she does not want an abortion, but her fears are driving her to it. And the people who are offering her help to avoid the abortion are the ones painted as "antichoice" monsters! Why is helping a woman do what she actually wants to do supposedly anti-choice and anti-woman, but facilitating what she does not want but feels trapped into is "pro-choice" and "pro-woman"? It's all backward. If these people were really for helping women go after what they want, what they'd freely choose, they'd not be facilitating abortions in the first place.

Abortion. The anti-choice.

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