Monday, January 16, 2006

Three sad anniversaries

Today is the sad anniversary of three women who lost their lives because they thought abortion would solve their problems.

A woman whose name is not mentioned in the news reports went to Dr. Samuel Roth for an abortion on January 16, 1937. Roth, whose license was suspended at the time, performed the abortion in his office. The woman died. On December 23, 1941, Roth was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the woman's death.

Autopsy Report Case No. 0120-82-0057 on 34-year-old Shary Graham indicates that she was pronounced dead January 16, 1982, at an emergency room in Dallas. She had a 3cm tear in her cervix. "It is our opinion that Shary... died as a result of a laceration of the uterine cervix. By history, she had undergone a termination of pregnancy procedure the day prior to the death. Evidence of bleeding included large amounts of blood on three cloth robes that accompanied the body, and hemorrhage beneath the outer covering of the uterus." Life Dynamics uncovered this information as we worked to verify the story Carol Everett told in her book, Blood Money of the woman who died in her clinic.

Thirty-eight-year-old Pamela Wainwright and her husband had two children living at home, one of whom had Down Syndrome. Pamela was admitted to Shallowford Community Hospital in Dunwoody, Georgia on January 15, 1987, for an abortion and tubal ligation. Pamela was 11 weeks pregnant.

Pamela was taken to the operating room for her surgery the next day. The abortion and tubal ligation were to be performed by Dr. Wendell Phillips. Phillips placed a needle into Pamela's abdomen to pump in carbon dioxide. He did not ensure proper placement of the needle. Instead of pumping carbon dioxide into her abdomen, he pumped it into her bloodstream. Pamela died almost immediately from cardiac arrest, due to vapor lock in her heart.

Laws don't kill women. Abortionists do.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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