Saturday, January 21, 2006

Texas PP losing tax $$!

PP of Texas Losing Their Tax Dollars:
Texas is joining an elite group of states. They will become only the 6th state to offer no federal funds to Planned Parenthood. The new Texas budget amendment was the brainchild of state senators Steve Ogden, Tommy Williams in 2003 and added help from Sen. Robert Deuell this year. The new amendment read like this:
"It is the intent of the Legislature that no state funds shall be used to pay the direct or indirect costs (including overhead, rent, phones and utilities) of abortion procedures provided by contractors of the department.

"It is also the intent of the Legislature that no funds appropriated under Strategy B.1.3, Family Planning Services, shall be distributed to individuals or entities that perform elective abortion procedures or that contract with or provide funds to individuals or entities for the performance of elective abortion procedures."

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