Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anniversary: Teen dies at the "Lime 5" clinic

Beverly Ann Moore, age 15, died 7-11-75 after abortion by Tuckey Hayes at Chattanooga Women's Clinic -- the "Lime 5" clinic.

Hayes assured Beverly's parents that she would be "all right" just fifteen minutes before she died.

Chattanooga Women's Clinic was written up for continued deficiencies even after Beverly's death. Noted flaws included (with dates of citation):

  • "Wrist, knee or foot controls not provided on lavatories used by physicians and nurses" (3-8-79)
  • No system for referring patients to other health care providers (3-8-79)
  • No emergency transfer arrangements (3-8-79)
  • Lack of written job descriptions (3-8-79, 10-10-89)
  • Lack of documentation of staff qualifications (10-10-89)
  • Inoperable emergency lighting (3-8-79, 3-12-87, 3-17-87, 4-5-93)
  • Re-use of disposable curettes (3-12-87)
  • Medications out-of-date (5-22-85, 3-12-87, 3-17-87, 10-10-89, 4-6-92)
  • Outdated IV solution (10-10-89)
  • Medications improperly stored (3-8-79, 3-12-87, 3-17-87, 6-18-87)
  • Unwrapped speculums stored in examining table drawer (6-18-87)
  • Used disposable curettes stored on shelf with clean supplies (6-18-87)
  • Blood in procedure table (10-10-89)
  • Dirty floor and equipment in lab (10-10-89)
  • "[O]ut of date sterile instruments are in autoclave area" (6-18-87)
  • "Sterile instruments in treatment room observed to have stains" (4-6-92)
  • Patient records lacking documentation of required testing for sexually transmitted diseases (10-10-89).

    Anonymous said...

    More people die from other elective surgeries, than from abortion. Do you care about those people too?

    Anonymous said...

    Yes we do but these deaths are preventable if the time and the money would be spent on making sure that conditions were safe! And please don't tell me that they don't have the money to make sure that even minimum safety conditions are met. PP makes billions of dollars a year that can be put towards each and every abortion clinic in the United States to get them up to scratch and they don't. The owners of the clinics themselves could be doing the same thing and they aren't. I mean please, reusing disposable curettes?!? Don't tell me they couldn't afford to use new ones! The reason Christine highlights these deaths is b/c Pro aborts claim that abortion is safer than giving birth and yet I've never heard of a hospital reusing disposable anything when it comes to having a baby. Their instruments are sterile and they have to meet state safety requirements. The same doesn't hold true for abortion clinics. Yes, they are supposed to meet state criteria but if no one checks on them they don't and b/c they don't women and their babies die.

    Also, do you have a statistic that shows more people die from other elective surgeries and what kind of surgeries they are? Having a stomach reduction is an elective surgery but it is also an extremely dangerous surgery with a high mortality rate that may be skewing the results...

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Anon, more people die from car crashes than from plane wrecks. Does that mean that we can safely ignore plane crashes? Should the NTSB and FAA stop investigating?

    Anonymous said...

    more people die from all the wars going on, then from abortion. maybe "pro-lifers" shouldn't ignore that...if they really care about "life."

    Anonymous said...

    Since legalized abortion has only been available in this country since 1972 linking it to all the deaths in all the wars throughout history is a bit far fetched. How about we look at statistics for this country alone? Just looking at them from the Revolutionary war time till present day more babies have died from abortion in the US than Americans have died in all the wars since the Revolutionary war...
    scroll about halfway down the page to view the chart

    Also, this is a site that talks specifically about deaths caused by abortion. A procedure that has been touted as being safe and easy. This is not a site that talks about deaths from other elective surgeries. I understand the point you are trying to make but it doesn't fly here. There is an intrinsic difference between abortion and other elective surgeries. Abortion kills another human being regardless of how safe and easy it is. Another human being always dies during the procedure...the other elective surgeries don't have the same premise. No one automatically dies when they have the surgery.

    Have you found any statistics yet proving your claim that more people die from elective surgery than abortion?

    Christina Dunigan said...

    My, anon, but you have a talent for dancing around.

    How horrible would things have to be for you to think that maybe women deserved better?

    Anonymous said...

    I'm not talking about just american wars...I am talking about all the wars that are going on right now. The number of deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, ect, (that counts non-american), exceeds the number of abortions. (but those pepole aren't american fetuses, so I guess they don't matter.)
    I do think all medical facilities should be held accountable for mistakes, unfortantely, most medical mistakes in general (even including abortion mistakes), are never made public. Many medical centers of all kinds cut corners, deny service to the uninsured, ect. It is never ok.
    Women do deserve better. They deserve fair wages, access to health insurance, more support, and more options. Outlawing abortion is the not the way to stop it...that will only hide it. The pepole who want to outlaw abortion are the same ones who oppose healthcare for everyone, and funding for public assistance programs.

    Anonymous said...

    I think you still need to check your facts on war/abortion statistics...have you added in the millions of babies (mostly female) that are being aborted in China and India every year. These aren't American babies and they still count...

    Socialized medicine creates more problems than it solves...just ask the regular every day people in countries that have socialized medicine. The rich there come here for their health care needs. Even Fidel Castro who boasts about his health care system in Cuba has been seeing a Spanish Doctor!!! What you want is a nanny state. You want to someone to take care of everything for you so you don't have to take responsibility for your own mistakes or actions. I have found that if you work hard, no matter what your circumstances you can take care of everything you need for yourself and you don't need someone's handouts to help you get by! I truly believe in the old adage, "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man a fish and he eats for a lifetime". Handouts don't work! They just lead to more handouts! I come from a large family. My parents couldn't help pay for my college even if they wanted to. I put myself thru college by working extremely long hours during both college and summer jobs. I pulled myself up and made something of myself, by myself. I didn't need handouts to do it either. As a matter of fact, my first two years in college, I went thinking I had a Pell grant waiting for me only to have it yanked out after I started classes. Did that make me quit school? NO! I at mac and cheese and bologna sandwiches for a year and worked my butt off. I got myself a graduate degree the same way and then got the job of my dreams which I did a phenomenal job at with no help from anyone but myself and my hard work and despite the name that I go by I am female. I guess what I'm trying to say is people who moan about their not being enough help out there for people haven't tried to help themselves yet. More public assistance programs won't solve the problem, if it did there would be less of them not more. Last point before I go to bed, you said

    "The pepole who want to outlaw abortion are the same ones who oppose healthcare for everyone, and funding for public assistance programs."

    Again, looking at the statistics, the people who want to outlaw abortion are generally classified as Republicans and the ones who want to keep abortion are generally classified as Democrats. The state with the highest amount of money given to charities and charitable organizations is Mississippi a very Republican state that is also a rather poor state. The state with the lowest amount of money given to charities and charitable organizations is Massachusetts. A very rich Democratic state. I think that says a lot about who's willing to give and to what...