Sunday, July 08, 2007

Old faces resurface

Remember that seedy Atlantic City abortion mill that got shut down by the state? Guess who was working there -- and in the process of buying it?

Steven Chase Brigham!

I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh. That boy just pops up again and again in scandal after scandal. Like a malevolent Phoenix, he keeps rising from the ashes. This place got shut down for "violations that included a lack of a scrub sink and hot water for over a year, among other dangerous conditions." Says our boy Steve, "Sounds perfect!"

From OR West (links mine):

Brigham has been under investigation and discipline throughout his entire 20-year career. He voluntarily retired his medical license in Pennsylvania while under investigation just six years after graduating from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1986. Since then, Brigham had medical licenses revoked in New York and Florida, and received disciplinary action in California and New Jersey. He served 120 days in jail in 1998 for Medicaid fraud.

Brigham lost his New York license after lacerating the cervix, uterine artery and uterus of a 20-year old patient and taking hours to realize it. The patient eventually suffered an emergency hysterectomy in what the Heath Department described as a ‘life-threatening’ incident in which Brigham did not seem to understand the severity of the situation.

A New Jersey judge ordered Brigham to stop advertising his abortions as “painless” and “safe.”

More on Steve:

And catch this: Who was he buying the place from? Alan Kline! The quack who killed Dawn Ravenelle at Eastern Women's Center!

Aren't those guys just two peas in a pod?

It would be an immense public service if somebody would take to blogging exclusively about Brigham, keeping track of what he's up to and building up a collection of articles, links, and documents about his history. This guy seems to want to be the Fast Eddie of the East Coast. We can't just casually look the other way

This might actually be a good project for a prochoice blogger, since Brigham is such a quack, and runs so many seedy, dangerous abortion mills, that only die-hard abortion fanatics exhibit any support for him at all. Warning women away would be a service I think most prochoice folks could do with a clear conscience and a glad heart.

And Kline might not be a bad one to keep an eye on as well.

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