Friday, July 27, 2007

Same day, same outcome, different decades

On July 26, 1877, Mrs. John Boschen was found dead in the Chicago office of Dr. Muleck from complications of an illegal abortion. Dr. Muleck fled to avoid arrest.

On July 26, 1925, Mrs. Lottie Lowy, age 27, died at the Chicago office of Lucy Hagenow from an abortion performed that day. In this case, Hagenow is identified as a midwife, though in other cases she is identified as a doctor. On September 1, Hagenow was indicted for felony murder in Lottie's death.

On July 16, 1930, Evelyn Dellorto, age 20, underwent an illegal abortion believed to have been performed at the office of Dr. Frank Psota. Evelyn died on July 26. On August 1, Psota was booked for murder by abortion. The coroner's verdict was "undetermined." Psota was indicted, and held on $10,000 bond by Judge Lyle. On December 10, he was acquitted of the murder charge.

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