Saturday, July 14, 2007

Little Shop of Horrors

Seedy abortion mill.

Used to be a flower shop.

They interviewed a woman whose cousin had an abortion and bled for 4 weeks after the abortion and was informed by the abortionist that she shouldn't go to a hospital because they wouldn't know how to help her. The woman visited the clinic herself and describes some of the filthy conditions inside the clinic. She claims the bathroom didn't have running water, there was blood on the suction machine, the physician didn't require her to fill out any paper work and was willing to perform an abortion without getting the woman's informed consent and waiting 24 hours.

HT: Jivin' J


Anonymous said...

Hello Christina. I see you on Jill's blog. I'm so glad you have been coming. I love your site. I thought I'd drop by and take a look. I use the screen name4 Hearher4life. Keep up the great fight against abortion!

Christina Dunigan said...

You wouldn't happen to live in Steve Brigham's stomping ground, would you? We desperately need somebody to keep tabs on that bad boy.