Saturday, July 14, 2007

The unexamined life

"How to induce a miscarriage herbally (and safely)" remains a higly popular post.

It's amazing how popular this post is. It's kinda creepy for somebody who recognizes the humanity of the unborn that there are so many women so cavalier about killing newly concieved life.

But then, looking at some of the posts -- cheating on their husbands, getting blind drunk and having sex with a stranger at a party -- some of them don't seem to have much respect for their own lives, either. A lot of them seem to be just following their hormones whereever they lead, with no more thought about who they have sex with and when than a housecat puts into it.

Maybe, just maybe, there's more to life than an endless round of drinking and casual sex. And maybe if they found something more to live for, they'd not be having all these pregnancy issues. Their lives might become more stable and less crisis-driven. And maybe even happier and more fulfilled.

Just a thought.


Christina said...

Judging by the fact that she thinks "bringing your period back" is not an abortion, she clearly knows nothing about what defines pregnancy. Or, she is hoping her readers won't. Such a perfect person to be getting medical advice from...

Christina Dunigan said...

Well, "inducing a miscarriage" is an oxymoron in the first place, since by definition a miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of the ZEF, without any overt action taken to cause it. "Induced miscarriage" is like "mammalian fish." There just is no such thing.

And a miscarriage, in medical terminology, is an abortion. A "spontaneous abortion". So how can you have an "induced spontaneous abortion" that is not an abortion? It's like a "non-feline cat."