Thursday, July 05, 2007

Court rules against woman who used abortion to cover incest

Mississippi Court Rules Against Mother Using Abortion to Cover Up Incest

The Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled against a woman who tried to use abortion as a way to cover up her husbands crime of incest against the couple's 13 year-old daughter. The woman tried to use the state's parental consent on abortion law as a defense in her case, but court's ruled otherwise.
In 2004, Charlotte Sherron was sentenced to three years in prison and two years of post-release supervision for trying go hide her husband's crime of statutory rape. She took her daughter to an abortion facility after her daughter became pregnant from the incest.

This is why pregnant underage girls need to have their cases examined by child welfare, not swept under the rug by abortion facilities.

Though I'd like to know how the scumbag parents got caught.

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Anonymous said...

THATS HORRIBLE i want to know how they were caught as well no doubt the 13 year old girl told which is what should have been done what kind of a mother lets her child be raped i wonder what the teen has decided to do with the baby

Christina Dunigan said...

I gather from the news that she had the abortion, which seems to have been her mom's idea. The mom was in trouble for having the fetus destroyed so that they coudn't do DNA testing. Had the girl refused an abortion -- which I doubt she'd have been able to do, if her mom was already allowing her dad to rape her -- the cops could have gotten the necessary DNA from the baby.

But when I did a we search I only got different versions of the court ruling story, and nothing on how they caught the parents.

And what happened to the scumbag dad?