Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anniversaries: Three injuries. One would prove fatal.

Annette C., a minor child, had been refered by Delaware League for Planned Parenthood for an abortion, to be performed by Dr. John F. MacGuigan at Wilmington Medical Center. The abortion was performed February 18, 1977. Annette suffered sustained infection resulting in permanent and total blocking of her fallopian tubes. The suit filed on her behalf faulted McGuigan with failure to inform her of the damage. Annette later learned of the injury from her own doctor. (New Castle County Superior Court Case No. 84C-SE-74)

Mattie Stanley said that she underwent an abortion performed by Dr. Rohmat Pirnazar at Woman's Aid Clinic on February 18, 1982. Mattie faulted Rohmat and the clinic with failure to provide proper staff and standardsm and with failure to provide proper post-operative care and examination. Mattie suffered sepsis from retained fetal tissue, sepsis. She required hospital and nursing care. (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 82L 19115)

February 18 is also the day 15-year-old Jammie Garcia underwent the abortion that would eventually take her life.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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