Monday, February 11, 2008

OT. Sad. Namdaemun gate burns in Seoul

I could cry. Namdaemun has burned. It was 610 years old, a relic from the old wall that used to surround the city.

Major bummer. It was beautiful.

My kids tried to tell me about it, but when they said there was a fire in Seoul, Namdaemun, I thought they were referring to a fire in Namdaemun neighborhood, not to the gate itself. I am heartsick. This was a major cultural treasure in my adopted second home. It's such a shame.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, it is sad, comparible to one of our national monuments burning, I think? But speaking of getting burned, Dawn Eden is under a lot of fire from both the blogger and now also Jill of Feministe for her entry 'The right choice' leads to a 'fountain of pain.'

Christina Dunigan said...

I'm up on the flame war at Dawn's place.

They've arrested somebody already, which smells fishy to me. How can they go from "We're not sure it was arson" to "We have arrested the perp" in 24 hours? There's so much pressure to find somebody to pin it on, I"m afraid that some friendless old guy is gonna take the fall regardless of whether or not he did it. They guy they arrested is 70 years old, and supposedly set a fire years back.

I'm praying that the truth comes out.