Thursday, February 14, 2008

Verified: Ex-abortionist is now public school administrator

The Chicago Sun Times is doing a retrospective on their groundbreaking "The Abortion Profiteers" series they did back in 1978. One piece notes that Arnold Bickham, one of their featured abortionists, briefly turned away from the abortion business and joined a church. He quit the church and went back into abortion, evidently long enough to kill Sylvia Moore, before losing his medical license in 1988.

He is now an administrator in Chicago Public Schools.

Now, it's great news that he's no longer making a living killing women and children. But has he also returned to the church? Prayers for him, that he's doing what he's doing now because he has truly repented and is now seeking to do right by children. Because stopping evil-doing for purely practical reasons leaves the soul damaged. He can only be truly healed and redeemed if he has sought forgiveness for what he did to all those children all those years, and to their mothers, to the public, and to Sherry Emry and Sylvia Moore. Yeah, the mothers of the Chicago area, and their unborn children, are just as safe from this man regardless of his reasons for abandoning abortion. But there's a world of difference for Bickham himself.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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