Thursday, February 07, 2008

Baby-loving moms get moral support in France

Court ruling sets stage for abortion row in France

The French Supreme Court ruled that parents who loved their unborn baby can register the child's name legally if he or she is miscarried.

This, of course, has the women who consider these babies medical waste up in arms.

There's a parallel battle in the United States. I have in my hands "Proof of Life", an article in the December 11, 2006 issue of People. Grieving parents want certificates of stillbirth. Nothing more. But anti-choice activists hiding under the mantle of "prochoice" are against the idea. Anything that acknowedges these mothers' grief might undermine public support for abortion. So these women are to be dismissed, their anguish belittled, in the interests of those women for whom the loss of a child before or during birth is something to be chosen and celebrated, rather than lamented and mourned.

Go for it. Fight it. Show the public that the abortion lobby isn't about supporting whatever the woman in question chooses. It's only about supporting the rights of those who want their unborn babies to die unremarked, unmourned, and tossed into the incinerator like so many used bandages.

This ruling isn't nearly as great a threat to "choice" as the hissy-fit abortion supporters are throwing will be. Show your true colors. Go to town.

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