Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm confused

I got this from

Hotline Founded After Woman's Suicide Now Directs Callers to Abortions

A crisis hotline established after a woman committed suicide following an abortion was meant to help women like her. Now, the suicide prevention phone number is in the hands of a New York City agency that is using it to direct women in crisis pregnancy situations to abortion centers.

Reese Butler established the hotline after his wife Kristin, who suffered from bipolar and borderline personality disorders, committed suicide after she had an abortion.

Her physician presented abortion as the only decision in a complicated pregnancy. After tremendous grief following her death, Butler said he felt god leading him to establish the number for others in crisis.

But when I looked up Kristin Brooks Rossell, I found a bunch of pages saying she committed suicide after postpartum depression.

What's the story here?


Ladybug said...

I've used that hotline a couple of times when I was having serious suicidal ideations and the counselors were kind and helpful. It's a valuable resource and it's a pity that Butler had no choice but to hand it over to SAMHSA and what it's become.

Christina Dunigan said...

I just wish we could get through to the general public that putting a stressed-out pregnant woman in the care of Planned Parenthood is like putting a wounded gazelle in the care of a tiger.

Anonymous said...

She died from Post Partum depression that aggrevated her manic depression.
Donate to the cause, they are losing the number on July 9th. Be one of the 99.
The hotline was created out of sadness, but has saved a lot of people.

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanx, anon.