Friday, February 22, 2008

One you'll not see the MSM covering

Once again, the prolifers are picking up on a story the MSM will ignore: Mexico legalized abortion because -- we can only presume -- the streets were littered with the bodies of coathanger-impaled women.

Well, true to form, some quack, now permitted to ply they abortion trade legally, has killed a teenage girl. He didn't bother verifying the gestational age of the fetus, or properly screening the girl medically. So he injured the girl in the process of performing an abortion a month over the legal limit, and the girl bled to death. IN A HOSPITAL! What kind of total clueless quack do you have to be, to have a patient bleed to death from an abortion in a hospital, with all the medications, blood products, and surgical resources readily available?

Not that we ever see cases like this in the United States!

Like Magdalena Rodriguez, who turned out to be 30 weeks pregnant when Suresh Gandotra started what was supposed to be a nice, legal second-trimester abortion. He left her bleeding out on the floor while he did other abortions.

Illinois law at the time of Sandra Chmiel's death required abortions after 12 weeks be performed in a hospital. Some quack at Biogenetics did an outpatient abortion anyway, even though Sandra was in the second trimester. Sandra bled to death from a punctured uterus.

John Biskind had his staff fudge ultrasounds in order to pretend that Lou Anne Herron, who was actually 26 weeks pregnant, was under the 24-week cut-off. He then left her with unqualified staff, and she bled to death.

Just as the MSM pretends these things don't happen here in America, they're not about to admit that they're happening in Mexico. After all, we can't have anybody challenging their oft-repeated assurance that legal abortion is automatically safe.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Joy said...

What does MSM stand for exactly? What awful tragedies!

Christina Dunigan said...

MSM = MainStream Media.

Welcome, seven shades! How did you find me?

Joy said...

A girl left you an anonymous comment on an old post because she was facing a decision to abort because her baby might have Down. I know that girl from a forum and she posted a link to your blog (incidently, with blogspot, where I also have my blog).

Glad to see someone actively fighting for the lives of the innocent.

Christina Dunigan said...

That's cool, seven. What's the URL?