Friday, October 22, 2010

At least Al Jazeera cares about the plight of Chinese women

Aljazeera infiltrates Chinese hospital to report on macabre forced abortion of 8-mo-old baby

The couple believed they were exempt from the draconian Chinese one-child policy. Their daughter was all excited to be expecting a new brother soon. But officials seized the woman and forcibly aborted her 8 month baby while her husband struggled in vain to protect them.

As Jill pointed out, NPR has picked up the story, noting that "the Al Jazeera report has many of the same sad details as a 2007 story from NPR's Louisa Lim, who spoke to a couple who had just undergone a similar experience. In that case, Wei Linrong of Guanxi Province said she was seven months' pregnant with her second child when family planning officials came to her house and demanded that she report to the hospital for an abortion."

Why is it only prolife groups, and not prochoice groups, here in the US who are outraged by this? The only prochoicer I've even noted that expressed dissatisfaction was Hillary Clinton.

It would be nice if she weren't standing alone.

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