Monday, October 18, 2010


  • Moms Who Chose Life Over Abortion Become Activists on Capitol Hill: As pregnancy resource centers again come under attack, women who were helped by them speak out.

  • "I don’t know why I didn’t leave." Jivin' J looks at a series of blog posts by a prochoice woman in total agony over the death of her baby by abortion, and how she's trapped without help:

    Searching for counseling I’ve found two main schools of thought in the majority of practices. First is the more religious approach. Ask god for forgiveness, name your baby and have a funeral for it, return to the church an enlightened “forgiven” pro-lifer. Um no. The second is the non-apologetic approach. I should be happy I had an abortion. I did the right thing by not being selfish, I should feel empowered by my decision and shouldn’t regret it. Well, that’s not me either.

    So much for the idea that abortion facilities only perform abortions on women who actually want them. Prayers that she finds help.

  • Teen's Abortion Caused Drug Abuse and Cutting:

    The following six months after my abortion were the most unbearable of my life. I cried constantly; but the thing that I wanted the most was to have my baby back inside me, growing and moving. After the sharp intense pain came the dull numbness that I felt. Over the next few years I experienced drug abuse, anxiety, and became involved in self mutilation, more commonly referred to as “cutting.”

    It has been four years since the day of my abortion, and the pain is not the same sharp stabbing feeling as it was before, but it’s never completely gone.

  • Leading anti-abortion activist dies in Mass. at 84: "Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and a nationally recognized leader of the anti-abortion movement, has died at age 84."

  • NYC Considers Requiring Anti-Abortion Centers to Disclose Lack of Services: How about requiring that "reproductive health" facilities advertise that they offer only abortion and not any other choices?
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