Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Comparing two pre-Roe deaths

Today is the anniversary of two abortion deaths -- one illegal, one legal.

On October 13, 1939, the body of Barbara Hanson, age 21, was found in a Houston, Texas, motel room. James Carter and George F. Norton pleaded guilty to performing the abortion that killed Barbara, and each received a 5-7 year sentence. Barbara's boyfriend and another man pleaded guilty to accessory charges and were each sentenced to one year.

"Tammy" is one of the women Life Dynamics identifies on their "Blackmun Wall" as having been killed by a legal abortion. Tammy traveled from Ohio to New York to undergo an abortion, which was performed on September 25, 1971. She was 33 years old. After the abortion, Tammy developed an infection which finally ended her life on October 13, 1971.

Both women suffered the same fate. So who benefitted from legalization? The men! Barbara Hanson's boyfriend, and the male abortionists, went to prison. The men involved in Tammy's abortion suffered no consequences.

How, therefore, can we argue that it's the women who benefit from legalization?

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