Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mom's names, babies' bodies, tossed into the dumpster

HT: Jill Stanek

On February 27 pro-lifer Chris Veneklase found the aborted remains of 17 babies in medical ziplock bags, with the names of their mothers labeled on the outside, in a dumpster at the Womans Choice abortion mill in Lansing.

According to Michigan law, nobody did anything they can be charged with. Because those abortion facilities aren't properly incorporated, and there's no licensed physician on the incorporation papers, there's no physician liability for the privacy violation. The facilities are owned by Richard Redmund of Florida, and the two abortionists, Lewis Twigg and Ronald Nichols, evidently are contract workers with no legal responsibility for the privacy of the patients.

And as long as the babies were dunked in a preservative, it's perfectly legal to chuck them in the dumpster.

I think that each baby needs to be kept in the bag with his or her mother's name, and his or her date of death, in a proper crypt, so that if family members later want to claim them for a decent burial they can. There might be a grandparent, father, aunt, or uncle who is sorry that the child was put to death and even more saddened that he or she was treated like a used Kleenex. A marker on the crypt can note "Baby Boy Smith" or "Baby Girl Jones" with the date of death for each child. And publicize how they can claim their children's remains. A single crypt will certainly be big enough to hold the tiny bodies.

Here's the video showing some of the remains, along with the way they were disposed of:

What really gets to me is the ultrasounds. The only photographs ever taken of these children were done with the express intent of sizing them up to kill them. It's just so creepy to see the little profile of a human being who was about to die a violent death, torn to pieces and thrown in the trash.

If the mothers' names are on those ultrasounds, those, too, need to be put into the crypt with the children.

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