Friday, October 29, 2010


  • Of all the things Korean women can get their knickers twisted up about, why be protesting the sudden, sporadic enforcement of the laws against abortion? This is a country where women already think they need massive amounts of plastic surgery to be acceptable to men. Why embrace yet another "women need surgery to be good enough" movement? In Korea, if you're female, you're either a sex toy or a house drudge. Both roles are facilitated by ready access to abortion. It's just bizarre that they don't start the fight for equality with moving out of their parents' homes and living independently while single, refusing to sleep with other women's husbands, demanding that their own husbands come home every night instead of drinking and carousing, and abolishing the plastic surgery craze. "We want to keep killing our babies so we can perpetuate the woman-subjugating status quo" seems to be a really dumb move, apart from the fact that rallying for dead babies hardly gives you moral high ground.

  • Some clueless clods have brought back the old "wanted posters of abortionists". Guys, it doesn't work. It just makes you look like a wack job.

  • Rape and abortion:

    A book I read recently was Room. The story is written from the perspective of a 5-year old boy who lived with his mother in one room where they were captives. The mom had been there for many years, and the boy was the result of the mother’s rape by her captor. In that one room the mother had created a world for herself and her son.

    When they finally escaped, the mother’s father had a hard time even looking at the boy because the boy was the product of the rape of his daughter. .... A news reporter asked her if she felt her captor had ever cared for his son. The mother said, “Jack’s nobody’s son but mine.”

    I believe it was Rachel McNair who pointed out that the way people talk about women "carrying the rapist's child" really treats the woman like nothing more than the soil in which the man sows his seed. How much power are we giving to the rapist if we allow him to override and negate the woman's bond with a child who is just as much hers as his -- more so, since it is she who can, through her love and nurturing, shape the person that child grows to be.

  • Pro-Life Action League has its "Meet the Abortion Providers" DVD on sale through the end of November. I tried to find some samples on YouTube, with no luck.

  • Is abortion the moral equivalent of refusing to donate an organ to a sick person? I debunked this one myself a while back.
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    John Jansen said...

    At long last, we finally have "Meet the Abortion Providers" and "Abortion: The Inside Story" up on YouTube.