Saturday, October 30, 2010

PP censors embarrassing video

I blogged earlier about a video showing prochoice activists displaying a rather embarrassing ignorance of, and vicious hostility to, science.

Well, it turns out that the ignorant and hostile folk were members of the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains student group Advocates for Choice. Yes, they were trained in their ignorance and hostility to science by Planned Parenthood. And somebody had the gall to post their public statements on the internet.

And Planned Parenthood was not amused.

They complained, and of course, YouTube complied and forced the person who uploaded it to make the video "private" so that the ignorance and hostility the PP trainees exhibited in a public forum could be covered up.

The issues here:

1. Planned Parenthood, which gets our tax dollars, is spending them promoting ignorance of, and hostility to, measurable scientific facts.

2. Planned Parenthood, which gets our tax dollars, spends them pushing for censorship in order to keep taxpayers from finding this out.

You don't have to oppose abortion to oppose censorship and ignorance.

Here are samples of the things PP doesn't want YOU to know they taught young people:

We are not gonna try to use science, or evidence.

Yes. These youths, trained by PP, express that science and evidence are not part of their toolbox. In fact, they express hostility to science and evidence.

We need to focus on the birth control issue, and that's what you need to be thinking about, rather than any of the photos or scientific evidence...

Again, simply expressing a hostility to the idea of introducing science into the picture.

All of us women out there, we shed fertilized eggs pretty much every month.

Read my original post, in which I explain how nonsensical this statement is.

It's two cells! Two cells! Not -- what you saw -- I didn't look at it because I didn't want to.

The embryo is way past two cells long before the woman even suspects that she's pregnant. Again, my original post explains in detail exactly how ignorant and ill-informed this woman's statement is.

There's no consensus in science.

I'd say there's consensus in science about a lot of things! Humans are bilaterally symmetrical carbon-based life forms. Absolute zero is the temperature at which all molecular activity ceases. The earth orbits around the sun.

There's people on this side, for their researchers say that the heart beats in -- 21 days. There's people on our side, researchers, that says that the heart doesn't beat until 24 weeks.

How many of you, during a planned or otherwise wanted pregnancy, had to wait until 24 weeks to hear your baby's heart? Probably you heard it at about 8 - 12 weeks, when the Doppler can pick it up and amplify it. But it's been beating since about 18 days. And no credible embryologist or doctor says otherwise.

Your Tax Dollars At Work, people.

Oh, and one final thing that I think is a real hoot. Jill Stanek shared this:

One person present at the debate told me today the A4C group apparently came prepared for a different sort of debate, noting that at the top of their stack of resources was a paper entitled, “Amendment 62 and the Bible.” Sorry.

You don't need a Bible to study science. You don't need a Bible to be possessed of basic human decency. The Personhood USA folks are out there armed with science, and trusting in basic human decency to do the rest. And A4C isn't prepared to deal with either.

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