Sunday, February 06, 2011

Anniversary: Another National Abortion Federation death

The current sordid connection between Kermit Gosnell and the National Abortion Federation is just the most recent link in a long chain of inexcusable behavior by NAF.

Seventeen-year-old Laniece Dorsey underwent a safe and legal abortion at a Family Planning Associates Medical Groupfacility in Orange County, California, on February 6, 1986. FPA is a National Abortion Federation member facility.
    • National Abortion Federation Promises
      National Abortion Federation Promises

    • Screen capture of assurance of safe, quality care on National
    • Abortion Federation web site. It reads:
    • "What is a NAF Clinic? NAF is the professional association of
    • abortion providers in North America. .... In order to become a member,
    • a clinic must complete a rigorous application process. Member clinics
    • have agreed to comply with our standards for quality and care....
    • NAF periodically conducts site visits to confirm that our clinics
    • are in compliance with our guidelines.

Laniece lapsed into a coma, was transferred to a nearby hospital, and died later that day.
The Orange County Sheriff's Department medical examiner blamed the death on cardiorespiratory arrest due to theanesthesia, although he also found "a thick adherent layer of fibrinous material containing moderate numbers of inflammatory infiltrates" in Laniece's uterus.
Laniece wasn't the first or last young woman to die from abortion at a facility owned by FPA head honcho Edward Campbell Allred. Others include:

Allred's facilities remain members of the National Abortion Federation despite these deaths.

Sources: Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Case No. 86-0682-AK and Orange County Superior Court Case No. 51-04-15

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