Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Find-a-Grave no help in finding pro-abortion poster children's graves

I've written to Find-a-Grave to point out this problem, to no avail, and they refuse to make either grave Famous.

I gave Zen, the memorial creator, information regarding the actual location of Rosie Jimenez's grave, but Zen did not add the information. I believe that since Rosie is a famous political figure, her memorial should be managed by Find-a-Grave, to facilitate the actual FINDING of her grave.

According to Ellen Frankfort, author of "Rosie: The Investigation of a Wrongful Death," Rosie's grave is in La Piedad Cemetery.

Until the cemetery is added, nobody can find the grave or provide photos of the grave.

Likewise, the Memorial for Becky Bell is a political memorial indicating "unknown" burial. But here is the actual memorial with Becky's grave site.

Since she became in death a public figure, people will be looking for the actual grave.

I'm not sure why Find-a-Grave is reluctant to provide visitors looking for Rosie and Becky actual information about where their graves are. But if you're a member, you might chime in with your two cents worth: Becky and Rosie both became public figures, both should be "Famous", and certainly both memorials should tell seekers where the actual graves are.

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