Saturday, February 12, 2011

A great selection of links

I've stolen some great links from Reflections of a Paralytic:


L. said...

If Nat Hentoff is so wonderful, why didn't any liberatarian/conservative or even pro-life media outlets hire him up? I am guessing it's more because of age discrimination than because of his views. (And believe me, age discrimination is as rampant in media as it is anywhere else.)

Christina Dunigan said...

L, the Right didn't want him because he is, in every area except abortion, very Left. So his only real home is within the sphere of prolife liberals.

Sadly, political conservatism trumps LIFE in many of the more mainstream prolife organizations. Which drives me bats.

I'm hoping that the emergence of West Coast Walk for Life changes that.

L. said...

The thing is, though, no one has an absolute right to a job as an opinion columnist. He writes op-ed pieces. If one's employer doesn't like one's opinions, then they have a right not to want that person's material anymore. If would be as if an editorial writer for LifeSite suddenly realized he/she wasn't pro-life anymore.

Also, the article says he became pro-life in the 1980's, and the Village Voice let him 2008? It sounds as if they had lots of time to think about it.

Sorry for harping on this. Ha, I write an opinion column for a living, can you tell? I write about Japanese issues, and if I ever started branching off and writing about something else, my employer might tell me it was time to stop. (I don't write about social issues, so my abortion views have never been a problem, even though my company is on the conservative side.)