Friday, February 04, 2011

Extremists show their true colors

If you were to set priorities, deciding which horrors to protect women and girls from, which would you choose?

  • Being trapped in a sex ring luring underage girls into the US for prostitution?

  • Getting referred to a filthy, dangerous facility where other women have suffered abuse, exposure to STDs, injury, and death?

  • Not getting an immediate abortion at the first place you call looking for one.

  • The abortion lobby is rushing to the defense of an organization caught facilitating the first, and is ignoring one that got caught both doing and facilitating the second. In fact, it was the abortion lobby's insistence that "access" trumps trivial things like safety and sanitation, that allowed both of these scenarios to come about in the first place.

    Instead, they keep trying to shut down places that actually do provide women and girls with an opportunity to get help escaping abusive relationships, and to explore and perhaps take advantage of options other than abortion. Places that are so benign that part of the extremists' assault on them is to try to allow the dissatisfied to sue without even having suffered an actual injury.

    When will ordinary prochoice citizens start to question why the abortion lobby's efforts show a pattern of behaving as if it's far better to be killed by an abortionist than annoyed by a prolifer?

    Who is the abortion lobby really protecting here?

    We don't need to ask. We saw it in Pennsylvania. They protected Kermit Gosnell and abandoned Karnamaya Mongar to his care.

    When will citizens say, "Enough!"?

    I wish ordinary prochoice citizens would start to question the abortion lobby's priorities.


    The Winding Ascent said...

    You're my hero, Christina, in a day and age where people would prefer to look the other way or are too trapped in the busyness of their daily schedules to do anything about these injustices, much less take the time to research them thoroughly the way you do. And you do it humbly and quietly, but relentlessly. Be proud, my dear. You are the foundation of the pro-life movement. Solid, secure, and steady.

    Brucker said...

    It really enrages me when things like this come up. I mean, if abortion-rights activists really believed their rhetoric (and I don't doubt that many if not most of them do) then this sort of crap wouldn't happen. This sort of thing shows that there are far too many prominent people in the pro-choice movement that don't really care about women's health.