Friday, February 11, 2011

More on the abortion-halting protocol

Catholic Hospital Changes Abortion Protocol

This excellent video report covers the procedure to remove laminaria and halt second-trimester abortions after the woman changes her mind.

The procedure isn't unique, as the report indicates. An abortionist at a National Abortion Federation meeting complained that his patients were talking to the prolifers outside, changing their minds, and going to a hospital to have the laminaria taken out. Rather than suggest that if talking to a random stranger outside your clinic is enough for the women to change their minds, maybe they weren't being adequately counseled, other NAF members suggested insisting that the women should be made to sign contracts agreeing to go through with the abortions even if they changed their minds. (Some abortionists do what George Tiller did, which was kill the baby with a lethal injection on the first day so that a woman who changed her mind about wanting her baby to die would be forced to carry her dead child in her womb until she was adequately dilated to remove it.)

I note with great interest that the abortion facility shown as the source of the women wanting to back out of their abortions is FPA's Albany Medical Surgical Center, where Steve Lichtenberg killed Deanna Bell with a massive Brivitol overdose.


Cecilia said...

So we pester and browbeat women into getting abortions that they're not too keen on, and then changing your mind is not allowed. Make um sign a contract forcing them to go through with the abortions, even if they change their minds. That's real choice for you.
The hypocracy of the pro-aborts with their mantra of "choice" is beyond amazing.

Christina Dunigan said...

Celiaia, I've long held that if the typical prochoice citizen knew what abortion practice was really like, things would change quickly. Sadly, they place their trust in the very same people who allowed Kermit Gosnell to thrive. They trust what the extremists say, because the press hide what they really do.