Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More great work by Sean O'Sullivan on Gosnell's NAF buddies in Delaware

State seeks sanctions against two abortion clinic doctors.

It's getting harder for the National Abortion Federation to play innocent on this one. The folks at the belatedly-dismissed NAF member Atlantic Women's Medical Services evidently were in pretty deep with seedy Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell -- as well as up to mischief of their own. And the Attorney General's office is asking the medical board to suspend their licenses.

Albert Dworkin and Arturo Apolinario both still work at Atlantic, where Kermit Gosnell was also working one day a week until his Delaware license was suspended. The horrifying revelations about Gosnell's practices led to an investigation of the Delaware clinic where Gosnell had started at least half a dozen of his illegal third-trimester abortions, before having the patients meet him at his filthy Philadelphia mill to be doped into a stupor and be delivered of their living children, which Gosnell would then kill with a "snip" to the spinal cord.

Dworking is in trouble for failing to report Gosnell's misconduct -- which he has no excuse for being unaware of, since he was the certified ob/gyn of record for Gosnell's clinic.

Apolinario is in trouble for continuing to prescribe and dispense medications for 20 months after his Delaware drug license had expired.

There's also some confusion now as to exactly who owns the pair of (until recently) National Abortion Federation clinics in Delaware. The Delaware AG's office identified Panzy Myrie as the owner of Atlantic, while prosecutors in Philadelphia identified LeRoy Brinkley as Atlantic's owner.

Regardless of which of the pair -- perhaps both -- owned the facilities, Myrie is being charged by Delaware prosecutors with passing herself off as a licensed doctor -- a gynecologist -- though she has no Delaware license.

So, the plot thickens.

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