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Lime 5: Injuries to the Urinary Tract

In going through Lime 5, I've been looking into cases in more detail. Here are the cases under "Injuries to the Urinary Tract."

Gail Vroman


Gail Ann Vroman died of kidney failure due to an abortion infection in 1979.

Ingar Weber died on January 26, 1990 after Dr. Richardson Glidden at Delta Women's Center in Baton Rouge failed to diagnose kidney problems. 

More Details on Two Cases

Susanne in 1989

Suzanne went to Southern Vermont Women's Health Center on November 22, 1989. She later said that had the risks of a perforated uterus or bladder been fully explained to her, she never would have consented to the 13-week abortion. Dr. Michael M. Gold (John Roe 1) was 73 years old when he performed the procedure. He noted that "the placenta and a hand of the fetus had been removed, and omentum (the fatty apron protecting the bowels) came into the cannula." Susanne was transferred to Rutland Regional Medical Center for emergency treatment. Gold had perforated Suzanne's uterus and bladder, leaving her with permanent injuries including difficulty controlling her bladder functions. The medical board chose not to take any action against Gold. Suzanne, the clinic, and Dr. Gold settled out-of-court for an undisclosed amount. ("Lawsuit Charging Negligent Abortion Soon Goes to Trial," Rutland (VT) Daily Herald, September 26, 1994; "N.Y. woman sues doctor, clinic over abortion problems," Burlington (VT) Free Press, September 29, 1994; "Pro-Life Activist Steps In to Malpractice Suit," Rutland Daily Herald, October 14, 1994; "Abortion Lawsuit Settled Before Trial," Rutland (VT) Daily Herald, October 15, 1994; Lime 5 also cites Rutland County Superior Court Docket No. S0806-91RC; Portsmouth Herald August 12, 1979; Rutland Herald September 24, 1994 and September 27, 1994)

Christal in 1994

Dr. Thomas Tucker
Christal was 19 years old and 19 weeks pregnant on March 26, 1994 when she entrusted herself to the notorious Dr. Thomas Tucker (John Roe 720) at Mississippi Women's Medical Clinic in Jackson, Mississippi. Tucker had already performed the fatal abortion on Angela Hall in 1991. 

Christal and her husband sued Tucker, stating that she hadn't been provided with adequate informed consent for the abortion. When she realized that she had been injured, asked three times for an ambulance before staff finally transported her to the Methodist Medical Center in a privately-owned car. This unorthodox transfer was witnessed by 75 prolifers who were outside the clinic.

It turns out that Tucker had perforated Christal's uterus, severed an artery, and lacerated her bladder. 

After a string of malpractice cases including the death of a woman who had come to Tucker to get her Norplant removed,  Alabama yanked his license. Rather than try to get it back, Tucker voluntarily surrendered it in order to halt the investigation, which had already uncovered Tucker's habit of allowing unqualified staff to perform medical tasks. This led to Mississippi moving to revoke his license. ("Petal woman sues abortion doctor,"  Hattiesburg (MS) American, April 30, 1994; "Patient sues beleaguered abortion doctor," (Jackson, MS) Clarion-Ledger, April 30, 1994; "Medical board may restrict abortion doctor," (Jackson, MS) Clarion-Ledger, March 15, 1995)

Need Help Finding Source Documents

The April 22, 1972 case of "Hester" in Ohio only cites the Cuyahoga Ohio County Court of Common Pleas, case umber 916389. Hester's bladder had been cut during the abortion, among other injuries. She ended up needing hysterectomy.

The April, 1973 case of 13-year-old "Cynthia" isn't about direct injury to the urinary tract but rather damage done due to massive infection leading to the kidney problems. Cynthia needed hysterectomy. The cite is Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. SWC30375.

"Tena" underwent an abortion at a National Abortion Federation member clinic run by a high-profile NAF member. She suffered tears to her uterus and bladder. The cite is Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Case No. A7802715.

Lime 5 cites the October 15, 1992 Birmingham (AL) News in the case of "Stacey," whose right ureter had been suctioned completely out of her body during an abortion on March 26, 1994. The facility was a National Abortion Federation member.

Lime 5: Injuries to the Urinary Tract will go live on YouTube on November 3, 2022.

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