Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Planned Parenthood Song, to the tune of "Let it Go"

We can't escape that 911 tape. You can hear her mother scream. But she's just one more dead Black girl. It's not like we killed the queen. Prolifers howl about the things we want to hide. We can't shut them up. Heaven knows we've tried. Don't let them in. Don't let them see. If they film us, it might end up on TV. If folks wise up, that won't be good. I wish they would Let it go! Let it go! We've been doing bad stuff for years for years. Let it go! Let it go! Sex abuse isn't worth our tears. We won't report what the children say. Let prolifers rage. 'Cause facts never bothered us anyway. Good PR connections make anything seem small. And a few failed health inspections won't hurt us much at all. We know full well what we can do – Break the law and our allies see us through. “Pro choice” means we can do no wrong! Hence our song! Let it go! Let it go! Act like we hold up the sky. Let it go! Let it go! We won't admit we lie. The press will print anything we say. Let prolifers rage. Our puppets praise us on the air and on the ground. They tweet and spread our bogus propaganda all around. And if they start to question covering our ass, We'll chant, “We won't go back,” and they'll give us a pass! Let it go! Let it go! Venue-shop if the case is strong. Let it go! Let it go! And the evidence is gone! It won't see the light of day. Let prolifers rage. The truth never bothered us anyway.

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