Saturday, November 12, 2022

November 12, 1923: Another Death Attributed to Midwife Alma Dittman

The November 15, 1923 Arizona Republican notes that a coroner's jury declared Alma Dittman responsible for the abortion death of Mabel Duncan, a mother of five, who died in her home Monday, November 12. 

Mabel had given a statement on October 18 indicating that Dittman had perpetrated the abortion that day. 

Mabel's husband, Fred, a traveling salesman, said that he'd been on the road when he'd gotten a telegram from Dittman, a woman his wife had identified as "a lady that has been taking care of me."

Dittman had already been identified as the abortionist responsible for the death of Carrie McDonald in 1922, Mabelle Cannon in 1917, and Blanche Ainsley in 1912. After Mabel's death Dittman was charged in the 1927 death of Rose Savoren.

Dittman eventually saved the state the trouble of finishing up the trial for Rose's death by turning all the gas jets on in her home and going to sleep forever.

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