Tuesday, January 11, 2005

10 Warning Signs

Abstracting abortion injury cases has taught me patterns about how to spot a seedy clinic or quack abortionist. Please remember, though, that you enter any abortion facility at your own risk. Just because you don't notice any of these signs doesn't mean the place is necessarily safe. It's just that these particular signs should set alarm bells ringing in your head about the place.

Some of these things might seem so outrageous you'd wonder how anyplace could operate doing these things. And you might marvel that women don't just turn around and walk out when they see some of these things. All I can say to that is that I've seen the documentation myself. Many women dismiss their fears about the clinic or the doctor because they assume that somebody must be overseeing the place, or it wouldn't be operating openly. This is not necessarily the case.

1. The person who answers the phone when you call for an appointment verifies your pregnancy, and tells you how many weeks pregnant you are.
2. The prolifers outside are handing out copies of lawsuits against the facility or the doctor.
3. You are asked for payment in full up front, before any examination or counseling has been done.
4. You get vague, reassuring answers to your questions.
5. You hear other patients moaning and/or screaming.
6. The facility appears dirty and/or disorganized.
7. There is a putrid, rotting smell.
8. The procedure room is not private.
9. The abortionist can't immediately answer a question like, "Where did you go to medical school?"
10. When you call for follow-up, you can't get through to a human being that will listen to you and take you seriously.

For the full story, see 10 Warning Signs About Abortion Facilities

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