Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Voodoo Abortionists

When called before the medical board in 1986, Dr. Judith Comeau-Samuel admitted to practices endangering the health of patients at her abortion clinics, but claimed that she had only done so because she was dominated by her husband and manipulated by him via voodoo.

Something I wondered, as I worked for Life Dynamics and read cases of abortionists that seemed to have gone off the deep end: Does abortion attract people who are already unhinged, or does it unhinge them after they've been involved with it for a while?


Demi said...

She could have dressed him up as Flip Wilson, and said, "See? The DEVIL made me do it!"

Voodoo, huh. That's a new one.

Christina Dunigan said...

I'm trying to picture this woman, with a straight face, telling her story to the medical board. I mean, even if it was true, would you want somebody controlled by voodoo having an active medical license in your state? Somebody should have told her, "Honey, just keep your mouth shut!"