Thursday, January 20, 2005

LaQuinta Helps Tiller

Prolifers in Wichita are starting to hold LaQuinta accountable for giving discounts to women using their motel to undergo their abortions. Read the details in La Quinta Inns Aiding Late-Term Abortions Sparks National Pro-Life Boycott from LifeSite News.

The prolifers claim:

Tiller uses the motel to as a "labor annex" to his abortion facility. At La Quinta Inn, Tiller is "maintaining a full-time nursing staff on site to monitor the women who have begun the 3-4 day abortion process, and even dispensing medication."

Let's face it -- LaQuinta is actively assisting Tiller in his abortion business by providing what he's using as hospital rooms. There have been reports of women expelling their dead babies there.

This is one boycott I have to say I back 100%. Would YOU want to stay at this hotel for any reason other than to try to reach these women before it's too late?

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