Monday, January 03, 2005

Peeking in the fridge

Yuck! No matter how much Americans might disagree about abortion, we can probably agree that abortion clinics ought not to be allowed to serve food.

The fridge at the practice of Benjamin P. Thamrong held some interesting items. It contained: expired medications, three syringes, a dirty carving knife, a specimen envelope containing a tube of blood collected 22 days earlier, one mostly-eaten salad, one partially-empty bottle each of Coca Cola and Sunkist soda, a bottle of Yoo Hoo, a half-full bottle of Riuniti peach wine, and a quarter-full bottle of Asti Spumanti with a paper towel stuffed in the top.

Aside from the question of why medical specimens and staff lunches were kept in the same fridge, I couldn't figure out if this guy was a tasteless tippler, or a dropout from the Belfast School of Bartending. And who, pray tell, was slurping down Riuniti on the premises of a medical practice? And was this imbibing taking place before or after the patients were led into the unsavory procedure room?

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